The Perspectives track tries to include as diverse and wide range of different perspectives as possible. The discussion around personal data, needs to hear voices from everywhere. Such as minors, minorities, public service providers, politicians, art industry etc.

Sessions in Perspectives

Future Internet Forum (invitation only) Perspectives
08:30-11:00 Thursday
Digital Rights and Risk Assessment Perspectives
13:30-14:45 Thursday
The Great Hack Workshop Perspectives
16:45-17:45 Opening Day
Sitra presents: New Data Economy Rainmak... Perspectives
08:30-10:00 Thursday
IEEE & UNICEF Present: The Future o... Perspectives
10:00-11:00 Opening Day
BBC & Yle presents: Public Spaces, ... Perspectives
14:00-15:45 Opening Day
Age of Digital Interdependence: maximizi... Perspectives
16:15-17:45 Opening Day
How Taiwan Achieves the SDGs Together Perspectives
14:30-15:45 Friday
ALL WINS & Scalar Labs Perspectives
10:00-11:15 Opening Day
Data Privacy Trends and Issues – Slovaki... Perspectives
17:00-18:15 Thursday

Presenters in Perspectives