ALL WINS & Scalar Labs



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Room 108: NTT Data room by NTT Data


10:00 - 11:15 Opening Day






All wins by Fujitsu & Dentsu:

Even in Japan, MyData and Personal Data are becoming a topic of business. However, at present, there are still challenges in the form of business models and services that can strike the market. Therefore, we propose a model of “All-Wins” service.

In the age of MyData, we want to push the MyData movement to the next philosophical level through the actual trial of data portability and data control on an “individual” basis. We find MyData as an approach can make an individual’s life more active and attractive. An individual can experience it through a “time-filling application” which benefits both event organizers, individuals as well as local communities and improve lifestyle through practising MyData principles.

During this session, we will report on a joint workshop organised by Dentsu, one of the biggest advertising companies in the world, and Fujitsu, the largest IT service provider in Japan in summer 2019. The workshop was aimed to give individuals the most suitable TV programs or events information by using data from Google Calendar.

At MyData 2019 conference, we will share the results obtained from the workshop and develop an action plan for next steps as a result of this session.


Scalar DLT consists of Scalar DB, which is distributed database software, and Scalar DL, which is distributed ledger software, and executes smart contracts with digital signatures in the form of distributed transactions, and the execution results are multiple independent components. By managing in a chained manner, while maintaining high tamper resistance, it achieves high scalability, strong consistency, and determinism that were difficult to achieve with conventional blockchains.


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