The Opening Day – 25th September

MyData 2019 conference starts with a full pack of interesting extended events which will complement the main conference programme.

We highly recommend to take notice of the following Opening day sessions created by

  • Bringing together some of Europe’s top internet innovators at the NGI Forum
  • Including the perspective of minors to the MyData conversation in the IEEE & Unicef panel
  • Watch the Great Hack -movie and join discussion on the Cambridge Analytica story
  • Maximizing benefits and minimizing harms of current and future digital technologies in the UNTIL panel
  • Resolving tensions between public service organisations and the audience with BBC Research & Development and YLE


09:0018:00 Opening Day
NGI Forum Main Stage / Hall A Organizer: NGI Forum
10:0011:00 Opening Day
IEEE & UNICEF Present: The Future o… Hall H Organizer: IEEE
14:0016:30 Opening Day
The Great Hack Special Screening & … Kino – 13
16:1517:45 Opening Day
Age of Digital Interdependence: maximizi… Hall G Organizer: United Nations Technology Innovation Lab (UNTIL Finland)
14:0015:45 Opening Day
BBC & Yle presents: Public Spaces, … Hall H