Viivi Lähteenoja

Deputy General Manager, MyData Global

Viivi Lähteenoja serves as the Deputy General Manager for MyData Global. She is also in charge of the programme for the MyData 2019 conference together with her co-lead Sille Sepp.

Alongside her duties at MyData Global, Viivi is working on her PhD research project on the ethics of personal data. She is particularly interested in questions of trust, the morality of privacy, the ethics of AI systems, and virtue ethical analyses of the above. She is affiliated with the University of Helsinki and Aalto University.

Viivi Lähteenoja can be seen in:

MyData Opening Day Welcome Hall F
09:00-09:45 Opening Day
ALL WINS & Scalar Labs Room 108: NTT Data room by NTT Data
10:00-11:15 Opening Day