Veszna Wessenauer

Analyst at Ranking Digital Rights

Veszna Wessenauer is a Research Analyst with Ranking Digital Rights, working on RDR Index research. She holds an MA in Human Rights from Central European University, where she focused on issues related to internet governance and media freedom. Prior to joining RDR, she worked with several Hungarian and international NGOs, including as a policy analyst for Political Capital, a Hungarian think tank focused on democracy and rule of law in Central Europe.

The focus of her work has been on internet governance, digital rights, disinformation, active citizenship, and civic engagement. She has also previously serves as a research fellow at the Center for Media, Data and Society (Central European University – School of Public Policy), researching topics related to online freedom of expression, digital privacy and data protection. Veszna currently lives in Budapest, Hungary.

Veszna Wessenauer can be seen in:

Digital Rights and Risk Assessment Hall B1
13:30-14:45 Thursday