Consent in Action


Andrew Hughes


Hall B2


15:15 - 16:30 Thursday






“Consent” is the best understood and most misunderstood word in data protection discussions with regular people. Is it a noun? A verb? Adjective? How certain can one be about a human actually understanding what they have agreed to? How do we help individuals to decide better if the situation is too complex to describe?

Agreeing to share personal data because the company has a regulatory obligation to get your agreement always leads to unanticipated personal impact.

How do we help businesses and developers to understand how to simultaneously fulfil regulatory obligations and to be respectful of an individual’s data? Our presenters describe systems that offer approaches to empower people – through transparency, understanding of the overall situation/mechanisms and post-event action.

Our presenters deal with the “messy middle”: the information systems and architectures that connect the individual and their personal data to the information management systems operated by companies.

You will hear about several different approaches covering business processes, decentralized and distributed ledger architectures and solutions to cookie surveillance. These approaches are emerging in a growing field – this is a chance to see what’s happening on the leading edge.

Presentations in this session:

  • Make consent work by Berrin Serdar and Burak Serdar
  • Delegation of Authority Using Verifiable Credentials: Giving Access Without Giving Your Password by Stephen Curran
  • Concept Receipt Lifecycle – building consumer trust and accountability using Hyperledger Indy by Jan Lindquist
  • Why the Entire Internet is Lying to You – Unearthing the Reasons Why Consent is Broken by Richard Vibert

Presenters and host: