Stephen Curran

Cloud Compass Computing, Inc.

Stephen Curran is a 25+ year veteran in Software Solution Development and DevOps who dove into the Hyperledger Indy world in summer 2017 and has been having a blast ever since. Working with the British Columbia (BC) Government, Stephen has helped define, build and launch OrgBook BC and OrgBook Ontario, the largest production instances of Hyperledger Indy and Verifiable Credentials in the world.

Stephen is a regular presenter in the Hyperledger Indy community, helping to facilitate discussions and drive to deliverables. Stephen has presented workshops on blockchain and the Hyperledger Indy project at multiple events, including the Hyperledger Global Forum in Basel, Switzerland and Cybersecurity Day at the University of Oregon. Stephen is a member of the Sovrin Foundation Technical Governance Board.

Stephen Curran can be seen in:

Companies Can Have Digital ID and MyData Hall F
14:00-15:45 Opening Day
Consent in Action Hall B2
15:15-16:30 Thursday
SSI 101 – Saying Goodbye to Mr. Lo... Main Stage / Hall A
10:30-11:45 Friday
DIDs Under the Hood Hall G
16:15-17:30 Friday