Berrin Serdar

Co-founder of Cloud Privacy Labs LLC

Dr Serdar is the co-founder of Cloud Privacy Labs, LLC. Her company works on cloud-native privacy solutions focusing on consent life cycle management and consent controlled data exchange. She is a medical doctor with expertise in preventive medicine and public health. She also holds a PhD in environmental health sciences.

Dr Serdar spent more than a decade in academia designing and directing federally funded research projects as the principal investigator. Her work in occupational health explored the link between human exposures to chemicals and early markers of outcomes, such as DNA damage, in different worker groups. She also developed statistical models to explore environmental and behavioral risk factors in the general population using publicly available data sources.

Dr Serdar continues her research activities as a consultant, but her main focus is in the privacy field. She co-founded Cloud Privacy Labs with the ultimate goal to empower individuals by giving them control over the privacy of their data.

Berrin Serdar can be seen in:

Consent in Action Hall B2
15:15-16:30 Thursday