Collective Intelligence



Loretta Anania


Hall B1


11:30 - 12:45 Thursday






Collective Intelligence challenge: bring the richness and diversity of human experience into AI and machine computation, for democratic decision-making at global scale.

Key data policy issues are ethics, shared (re-)use, and social inclusion. CI joins complex systems science to social data analyses. Computational systems appear to solve problems without a central decision-maker. CI computation needs quality data, and large numbers of citizens that communicate generate data and value. Can CI help to empower citizens, using their data to build a more sustainable inclusive society? Can decentralized data governance & Internet connectivity facilitate collective societal gains?

Presentations in this session:

  • Introduction and funding opportunities by Loretta Anania (European Commission)
  • Data ownership & collective awareness in the AI era by Pietro Lio (Cambridge University)
  • A technological substrate for the interactions we want: the case of Scuttlebutt by Zenna Fiscella (Scuttlebutt Handshake Council)
  • Care by communities. What sustainable health and social care solutions arise when people design their own data platform by Alberto Cottica (Edgeryders)
  • The Power of Collective Intelligence by Peter Baeck (NESTA)

Presenters and host: