Alberto Cottica

Co-founder and Director at Edgeryders

I am an expert on collaborative governance. I am from an economics background, but these days I think more in terms of network science, data science and complexity theory than of textbook economics. Pervasive information and communication technologies, together with the societal changes they have been associated with, enable public policy and even public services to be collaboratively produced. I have firsthand experience in establishing, nurturing and running communities of citizens that work with government towards public goals. I am interested in complexity economics as a framework to think about these things. I am the author of a book on the wiki government, many journal articles and this blog. I try my best to be reader-friendly while not watering down the arguments.

I co-founded a social enterprise called Edgeryders. We do a new kind of knowledge product we call open consultancy, based on the same principles I have been developing and applying in my public sector work and in my research. I try to keep some time for plain old civic hacking, with Wikitalia and Spaghetti Open Data.

As a musician I am interested in our common roots, especially those of my native Emilia Romagna region, which I like to expose to a fairly global audience. Founder of Modena City Ramblers, then of Fiamma Fumana. I occasionally return to the stage, but that’s mostly a friendship thing now.

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