Zenna Fiscella

Grant-writer at Edgeryders, Scuttlebutt

Zenna is a grant writer and community enthusiast of Scuttlebutt. She has a background in the hackerspace scene as well as a 7 year history working with the international network of digital fabrication labs, FabLabs. Her interest in technology was sparked at the culture center hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen and has recently run a project researching the potential of Mesh-networks in combination with P2P distributed protocols in Öresund. Previously she has run a lab at Lund University and Coordinated the Nordic FabLabs collaborative project FabCraft. She is currently based in Aarhus where she is attending the program of Enterprising Leadership as a KaosPilot in Denmark.

Zenna Fiscella can be seen in:

Collective Intelligence Hall B1
11:30-12:45 Thursday