DIDs Under the Hood



Antti Kettunen


Hall G


16:15 - 17:30 Friday






Technical Showcase of DID Workflows

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are a new kind of identifier that can be generated, resolved, updated, and deactivated by a subject alone, without dependence on a central authority or intermediary. This month, DIDs were put on a standards track by the W3C and a DID Working Group has been formed to define a candidate DID standard. DIDs, and the decentralized capabilities they enable, are being used around the world to add a new layer of trust to the Internet.

In this session we will explore some common scenarios where DIDs can be used and how common DID-based technical workflows happen. Aimed at developers and technical leaders, this session will focus on how you can start to use DIDs.

  • Creating and managing DIDs for people, organizations and things
  • Using DIDs in common scenarios such as replacing user IDs and passwords
  • Using DIDs as the basis of secure messaging protocols

We’ll cover how public DIDs are created, resolved, updated, and deactivated, how a DID subject can prove control, and an approach for doing the same with private DIDs.

During the session we will demonstrate concrete DID tools and applications. We will also discuss the current state of the DID standardization process at the W3C and next steps.

Presenters and host: