Companies Can Have Digital ID and MyData



Markus Hautala


Hall F


14:00 - 15:45 Opening Day






MyData is all about human centric approach to personal data, but what about legal entities such as small enterprises? Could businesses also benefit from having control over their own data and digital identities?

The vision is that with digital identity an organisation could form secure digital connections with its stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, authorities, employees and investors. This would enable fully digital processes including purchase to pay (orders, invoices, receipts etc), contract signing, permits, recruitment, share trading and many more.

Various Nordic initiatives are advancing the use of self-sovereign organisational identities to serve digital-native organisations. The main ambition is to make the Nordic market fit for the digital age and ensure that the Nordic economy remains globally competitive – bringing benefits to both businesses and consumers. Government of British Columbia in Canada is bootstrapping the use of self-sovereign identity capabilities for the organisation registry in order to create seamless digital services for the small businesses.

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