MyData Principles: Why Companies Benefit


Julian Ranger


Hall F


10:15 - 11:15 Friday






The MyData Principles look at our basic rights for data, trust and transparency that arise if businesses adopt these principles.  This is based on political, ethical and social impacts, rather than referring to existing business models and principles of data capitalism.

How can we describe the value of MyData principles to motivate industry to adopt these principles and be committed to a fair and sustainable personal data economy? How can we create a win/win situation between all relevant participants?

This round table session aims to identify what are the main drivers, in addition to transparency and trust, that businesses are looking for when customers become the data source.  We encourage businesses to identify what are their needs, aspirations and use cases, and individuals to identify what do they wish to see from businesses and why would that make them value them more.

The output should be a list of positive arguments that will engage the business community to adopt MyData principles quicker.

Presenters and host: