Beatrix Reiß

CEO & Founder, comuny GmbH

Designer of digital business innovation and digital relationship. Since 2018 she act as founder and CEO of comuny (provider for digital personal data management) and smARTs service design (consulting and creativ agency).

Graduated in sciences of communications Beatrix established eHealth innovations by working in a German telematics competence center, founded by public-private-partnership. As part of management board she was responsible for organizational development, human resources, sales and partnering with industry, politics, professional organizations and public institutions.

Beatrix is a strategist and contrarian with more than 20 years’ experience in consulting and business innovation modeling of eHealth, personal data, intelligent services and value networks. She is specialized in designing models and products for personalization, privacy and self-sovereign-data management. She goes for a new, sustainable data economy, for network-thinking and cultural change.

Beatrix works as speaker, lecturer, consultant and coach in digital innovation projects and unites doers and supporters in valuable cooperation.
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Personally, to meet MyData members is useful for me to get energy by people with similar purposes. We all do have a lot of power and experience – that’s why it will be cool to learn from each other. And then I love that there’s a lot of fun, like we had in Edinburgh meeting.

Beatrix Reiß can be seen in:

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