Jyrki Suokas

IHAN Revolutionary at Sitra

Jyrki Suokas is a Senior Lead at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. He has a quarter of a century’s experience in technology applications in banking with main focus on the role of analytics and digital solutions in the building of new operating models. An alumnus of Helsinki University of Technology, his academic background is in software technology and organisational psychology.

Currently he is the link between the human-driven data economy project called IHAN® and Finnish and international financial sector operators. He liaises with banks and insurances companies to instil a better understanding within the sector of how they would benefit from providing more open access to the vast amount of data that financial institutions have gathered on their customers.

Jyrki Suokas can be seen in:

MyData Principles: Why Companies Benefit Hall F
10:15-11:15 Friday
Japanese Information Banks Hall F
11:45-13:00 Friday