Portability: make it happen make it fair


Jaana Sinipuro


Hall G


17:00 - 18:15 Thursday






Improving portability governance requires hybrid approach where empowered individuals collaborate with companies that are willing to be seen as good corporate citizens when it comes to fair and transparent use of data.

This hybrid approach consists of top-down methods like enhancing regulation and common guidelines used jointly with bottom-up solutions built on empowered individuals and new tools leading to greater control, interoperability and transparency. In order to create new data sharing ecosystems we need to work globally across different domains, i.e. business, legal, technical, ethical and data related domains. These domains need to be brought together and developed in a consistent way.

With new initiatives, technical innovations from great entrepreneurs and improved awareness among individuals and consumers, momentum is here. To make it happen – we need to create greater synergy between the domains.

Showcasing practical use cases is often the most efficient way to change our current way of thinking and to innovate on new services. Join us to learn about recent initiatives in this field and to give us feedback on how to proceed – after all, it is talented individuals working together with innovative companies that make the change.

Presentations in this session:

  • Portability and consents in action: the value behind governance of personal data by Xavier Lefevre
  • Making it Happen through Standardization: A New Governance by Olivier Dion and Matthias De Bièvre
  • Making it Fair – Me2B – introduction to the Me2B Alliance Certification Mark by Lisa LeVasseur

Presenters and host: