Lisa LeVasseur

Me2B Alliance

Lisa has been a software professional for over 30 years, with her formative career years spent at Motorola, developing software for mobile phone infrastructure. The arc of her career moved to ever smaller organizations, culminating with start-ups and eventually entrepreneurship. Over her career, she honed her product management skills, developing particular love for industry standards development work and software usability.

Lisa currently works in a private foundation (Wrethinking, the Foundation) where her activities focus on usable technology and industry standards that put the user in control of their digital life. In October of 2018, Lisa pitched the long-germinating idea of a consumer-facing certification mark to let people know if technology is treating them with dignity. Thus, the Me2B Alliance emerged from a nine-year hibernation, and was born. Mirroring the problem scope of traditional product management, the Me2B alliance glues multiple disciplines and existing initiatives together to help consumers make better technology choices, increasing the number of good choices through consumer demand and awareness.

Lisa LeVasseur can be seen in:

Portability: make it happen make it fair Hall G
17:00-18:15 Thursday