Olivier Dion

CEO of Onecub

Olivier Dion is a French entrepreneur. He created Onecub in 2011 in order to empower individuals with their personal data. Onecub is a portability tool (PIMS) that allows people to transfer their data from one online service to another, through a very simple user experience and while keeping control of their data. Onecub transforms the new GDPR right to portability into an innovation opportunity for organizations that will be able to allow data circulation between one another, in a user centric manner.

In April 2019 Olivier Dion coordinated the White paper – a new governance for data in the XXIth century – for the French parliament with 50 organizations (including MyData) from 14 countries to present the huge potential of portability and the need for a new governance for data circulation and protection standards. In June 2019 Olivier Dion started (along with MyData, la FING, PrivacyTech, Stiftung Datenschutz and Ctrl-Shift) a design phase for the new governance.



Olivier Dion can be seen in:

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