SSI in Action



Kai Kuikkaniemi


Hall B1


12:15 - 13:30 Friday






SSI in Action: Opportunities and challenges

We are at the brink of the breakthrough of a new technological, social and business paradigm which has become widely known as “Self-Sovereign Identity”, or SSI in brief. SSI will be embossing the way digital identity is perceived by everyone in the future and declaring the woes of today’s established identity practices obsolete.

Now you can experience SSI in action! In this interactive session, your host and 4 domain experts will be convincing: SSI is for you, too! You will learn how……

… SSI solutions are designed with user-centricity to allow for charming and convenient interaction.
… SSI’s verifiable credentials are applied in common real-life situations of data sharing and proofing.
… SSI supports customers navigating in open markets for data, products and services in a privacy-preserving way.
… SSI renders today’s cluttered and clunky enterprise Identity & Access landscapes and experiences obsolete.

Feel free to participate with questions and for discussing your own SSI business use case ideas with the audience and experts in the subsequent panel debate. This session concludes with a call to action: Embark on SSI NOW to unleash its potential for yourself and everyone in your business ecosystem to connect and engage without the intervention of intermediaries with separate agendas.

Presentations in this session:

  • Exploring solutions from a design and UI perspective – The challenges of a Sovereign Boundary Mechanism by Michael Lockwood”Within this session, Mick will discuss recent work to develop a body of knowledge, to help the design community understand, and begin to develop low friction products and services, with
    real value proposition, for Self Sovereign Identity .More specifically, the session will explore the issues of complexity, and the missing mental models within what is termed as a ‘Sovereign Boundary Mechanism’. The session hopes to drive debate, as we look at the reality of placing what is potentially a complex, Internalized, Sovereign interaction model, in the hands of a normal everyday user.”
  • SSI using multiple verifiable credentials from multiple issuers by Ken Ebert
  • Consumer choice and business innovation in global B2C markets by Henrik Biering
  • Fact-based access control with SSI, by Andre Kudra
    “Learn how Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) resolves all troubles of classic Identity & Access Management (IAM) in any business! Users onboard and get access in no time – no matter if they are employees, external staff or even customers.”

Presenters and host: