Henrik Biering

CEO, Peercraft

Henrik is a generic innovator with vast experience in managing cross-functional and cross-cultural relationships within large geographically scattered corporations as well as internet based communities.

Since the start of this millennium Henrik have been focused on shaping fair and democratic markets. At the core of these efforts is user centric identity management with focus on security and privacy. In 2004 this resulted in winning the national Danish e-commerce award for development and operation of a large social network and C2C / B2C market place.

Presently Henrik’s focus is on how we can benefit from both regulation (e.g. the GDPR) and technological developments to systemically change the business layer of the internet in a more user centric direction.

He is worried that the current trends of platform regulation and identity management innovations merely tend to address some negative symptoms of the present platform economy rather than addressing the underlying problems of establishing open, fair, and scalable digital markets.

An important element in his efforts to address these underlying challenges is to develop a distributed business service discovery functionality similar to what was successfully done for the infrastructure and transport layers of the internet. As now also realized by the EU NGI project, this is key to facilitating consumer agency and platform independence for both vendors and consumers.

Henrik Biering can be seen in:

SSI in Action Hall B1
12:15-13:30 Friday