What Puts the GDPR up to the Test?


Anna Vladimirova-Kryukova


Hall B2


10:30 - 11:45 Friday






The first year of GDPR application shows signs of this legal act being misused and challenged. The implementation process and vagueness of its provisions has given grounds for misusing the rights and obligations or misinterpreting GDPR on different levels: member states, business entities and individual data subjects. The result is the abuse of privacy rights and creation of obstacles for the free flow of personal data and protecting privacy.

We invite you to our session where we will address this rather alarming issue. To be precise, we will talk about member states which introduced certain derogations to GDPR which effectively narrow the rights of the data subjects. We will also discuss how business challenges GDPR data security requirements and how a data subject can be lost in attempting to solve the issue through litigation. Finally, the session will end up with a roundtable where participants will provide insights on how to prevent the negative trends and facilitate the introduction of unified data protection regime in Europe.

Presentations in this session:

  • GDPR as an instrument: do we use it to build or to dismantle? by Anna Vladimirova-Kryukova, Renata Vasiliauskiene and Aleksander Tsuiman

“Implementing GDPR is a bad version of compromise between different cultures and technological development. Is it true? Who shall be responsible for putting things into order? Join our roundtable to share your experience and contribute to building solutions.”

  • Jurisdiction and Article 79 of the GDPR by Jiří Hradský

“Has anyone posted a defamatory statement on the Internet about you and you want to know where to sue them? We can find a solution together! However, don’t forget it might be tricky, so I want to advise how to avoid misuse of the GDPR and other regulations.”

  • Legalising Cambridge Analytica? GDPR and derogations for political parties in Romania by Valentina Pavel

“Some Member States adopted problematic provisions for political parties processing personal data. Are they in breach of EU law? Will the European Commission step in to ensure consistent application with the GDPR? “

Presenters and host: