Jiří Hradský

Paralegal, SEDLAKOVA LEGAL s.r.o.

I am paralegal at the Czech law firm SEDLAKOVA LEGAL s.r.o. I deal mainly with GDPR and other privacy oriented law in the Czech republic and I am always ready to help our clients with all their privacy issues. I love finding and solving issues practically, so everyone can understand it, because that is the most important thing.

Some of my work experience:

  • GDPR audits for technically focused companies such as automotive, construction, services or engineering and also IT companies.
  • Preparation of patterns and documents related to the protection of personal data and GDPR.
  • Training courses and webinars on issues related to the personal data protection for company departments, as well as training courses for the public and academics.

Jiří Hradský can be seen in:

What Puts the GDPR up to the Test? Hall B2
10:30-11:45 Friday