Designing Privacy for the Individual



Ren Watson


Hall G


13:30 - 14:45 Thursday






When it comes to empowering individuals to understand how their personal data is used and often mis-used, there are many hurdles to overcome. Not least around the design of the digital mediums that you engage with. This session explores the contexts where an individual may not recognise their data being misappropriated or put to a use that is not apparent from the information given.

The goal of the session is to understand how designing for consent can be a positive experience, discover how to consider consent design beyond “accept and continue”. Knowing this doesn’t work in so many applications, our presenters’ share experience of thinking differently about ethical design in a number of contexts.

Presentations in this session:

  • Empowering People with Ethical Visualization of Personal Data by Katherine Hepworth
  • NO YOU MAY NOT HAVE MY DATA: The User Experience of Consent by Georgia Bullen

Those two presentations will be followed by the interactive discussion in the fishbowl format, incl. Simon Kavanagh.

Presenters and host: