Katherine Hepworth

Associate Professor of Visual Journalism

Associate Professor of Visual Journalism; Research Director, Visualizing Science Project; Co-Director, Nevada Center for Data and Design, University Of Nevada, Reno

Dr Katherine Hepworth is an interdisciplinary design practitioner-scholar with a passion for researching and teaching about how the designed world has influenced people’s lived experience both in the past and the present. Currently employed as an Associate Professor of Visual Journalism at The Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno, she specializes in theorizing how visual communication mediates human power relationships, and applying that theory to assess visual communication effectiveness in a range of research, professional, and pedagogical contexts.

Her current research projects include the ethics of data visualizations, effective visual communication in hospital emergency departments, and a digital humanities project on the interconnected sociopolitical and typographic legacies of twentieth century American neon. Hepworth has over fourteen years professional experience as a visual communication designer, focusing on information design and user experience design.

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