Alexandros Nousias

Privacy & Ethics / MyData Greece

Alexandros is an IP and privacy professional affiliate with organisations like National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos, National University of Ireland (NUIG), Creative Commons and a Singularity University alumni. He operates both in the market and within the context of H2020.

As entire domains turn into information sciences they become subject to exponential advances. Alexandros focuses on the emerging information design, the implications of its advances and its must-have values and components. His approach is two fold as he believes in simultaneously automating regulation and ethics and humanising/regulating automation and code. MyData is about values, principles, design, law, ethics and code. It is a new behavior engineering proposal. In his presentation Alexandros will discuss how massive digital operations exploit the human inclination towards belonging and empathy and how MyData can operate as a meaningful alternative.

Alexandros co-runs MyData Greece Hub.

Alexandros Nousias can be seen in:

Finding Fractals in Our Data Main Stage / Hall A
12:15-13:30 Friday