9 reasons why you should come to MyData 2019

Don’t miss out on being part of something amazing this September!
This year MyData is making a huge impact, and thus , we have many reasons why you should join us!

9 reasons why you should come to MyData 2019:

  1. Amazing speakers. Many acclaimed invited presenters like:
    • The Grammy-awarded musician Imogen Heap
    • Carole Cadwalladr the investigating journalist behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal featuring Facebook and Brexit, 
    • James Farrar, the man who sued and won Uber on workers rights,
    • Digital Minister of Taiwan Audrey Tang,
    • Vice-President of the European Investment Bank Alexander Stubb,
    • Representatives from Microsoft, European Commission, UNICEF, IEEE… And many more! In fact, over 120 speakers over three days!

  2. Meet the changemakers who are DOING IT! Our incredible list of partners supporting the MyData movement are actually making the change towards a human-centric approach to personal data. Come, see and understand how companies large and small are making “ethical profitable”.  

  3. “The MyData conference was the most social conference I’ve ever been to.” Arrange meetings and get social in the evenings! With the help of the Brella networking app, social dinners, and of course the classic sauna evening, you have a unique opportunity to network with great professionals from all sectors, ranging from Business, Legal, Tech and Society.

  4. Europe is leading the change – Meet the Commission! Meet the Next Generation Internet Initiative funded by the EU Commission to restructure the Internet to be human-centric! Their yearly event NGI Forum, is part of the MyData 2019 experience. Hear and meet Roberto Viola, the Director General of DG CONNECT, Olivier Bringer, who is in charge of the NGI initiative and other Commission experts.

  5. Global issues need global solutions.  This year, we have UN’s Technology Innovation Lab (UNTIL) partnering with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland to host a panel on Digital Cooperation with Marina Kaljurand, MEP, and representatives from Kenya, India and China. Panel is moderated by Jarmo Sareva, the Finnish Ambassador for Innovation.

  6. Power to the people! The screening of the Great Hack -documentary and a panel with people featured in the movie – the amazing Carole Cadwalladr and Paul-Olivier Dehaye.

  7. Global audience! We have attendees and organisations from 40+ countries, ranging from the Nordics to Australia and Canada to Cameroon. Check out who will be there.

  8. 1-2-3 Days! Can’t come for three days? Don’t worry we have now 1-day tickets available so you are able to join any day fits best or is the most interesting!

  9. Engage with leaders! Meet the MyData Global nonprofit leadership. Together we’re making change globally – let’s put our heads together to strategise and act!

Already have a ticket? Great! We are excited to see you soon, and meanwhile ask you to share our social media posts and help us get the right people there.

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