Data Economy & Ecosystems

Accepted presentations for this track include the following:

Models for the governance of data economics

My Data Intelligence, an Information Bank Service in Japan

How to carefully experiment with data trusts

Overlays data capture architecture: Providing a standardized global solution for data capture and exchange

Deeper into the Data Ownership Debate

Co-creating data bank platform with key players in Japan

Are we just switching from one pirate ship to another?

MyData Operators – Data Banks – Fiduciaries – Infomediaries

Decentralized open source PDS “Personium” integrated with decentralized identity

Data ownership – thanks, but no thanks

A path to personal servers

Exploring the narrative of rights and ownership

MyData Operator Ecosystem

Do we really want to sell ourselves? The risks of data ownership

Three intuitive ways that Personium empowers PDS user

What could ‘rights to produce data’ look like?

Designing the MyData Cloud Computer: 14 Principles

Building a privacy-by-design data system to mitigate risk, reduce your exposure and actually protect your customers

Investigating MyData principles, use cases and business models in less-developed data ecosystems