Roadmap to Human-Centric Digital Economy


Soheil Human


Room 104: Data Forest by Tilaajavastuu


10:00 - 11:15 Opening Day






Our current digital economy has been mainly constructed based on a data controller-centric (corporate-centric) perspective regarding personal data storage, control, management, sharing and processing. Shifting the perspective towards human-centric digital economy in which empowering end-users with respect to their personal data has a high priority is an ongoing challenge of our time.

In order to provide an overview of the current issues and challenges, and envision socio-technical tools and means that need to be realized in the mid-term future (in the next 2-5 years), we (MyData Hub Austria [] as a part of the EXPEDiTE project []) are constructing a human-centric roadmap.

In this session, we aim to begin a dialogue between the active members of the local hubs and everyone who is interested in the topic to discuss how such roadmaps can be constructed in different local hubs and what will be their local and global benefits. Moreover, we hope to construct a network of interested people for development of near-future international projects on the topic.

The session starts with a presentation regarding our methodology towards the development of the roadmap and the challenges we faced. Then we will discuss some of the main aspects that will be covered in the roadmap. Afterwards, we will engage participants in a discussion about such roadmaps and the next steps towards the realization of a human-centric and end-user empowering digital economy by organizing a fishbowl conversation session.


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