Yohko Hatada

Founder and Director, Evolution of Mind Life Society Research Institute

Founder/Director, EMLSRI (Evolution of Mind Life Society Research Institute)

Policy advisor for National Parliaments of Japan, UK, EU;
Contributor/Speaker/Panelist at IGF, WSIS High Level Presenter, World Government Summit – Global Governance of AI Roundtable (GGAR), EuroDIG, OECD Forum, UNCTAD, IEEE ethical standards, ECPAIS (IEEE Ethics certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent System, Council on Extended Intelligence (CXI, MIT and IEEE), Just Net Coalition, Chatham House Cyber Security. LDP Party of Japan Manifesto.

Dr. Hatada has been an interdisciplinary academic researching Evolutionary Behavioural Population Ecology (M.Sc.: Durham U., UK), Evolutionary Developmental Neuroscience (Ph.D: Oxford U.), Plasticity Cognitive Neuroscience with Small Neural Network/ Large Scale Adaptive Neuropsychology Modelling, Neural Correlates of Consciousness (Research fellow: Columbia U., UCL, UK; INSERM, Fr); Political Economy, Trade, Law (Min of Economy Trade Industry, Jap), Democratic Electoral Processes in Digital Era, Algorithmic standard and regulation policy (EMLSRI).

Yohko Hatada can be seen in:

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