Will Abramson

Steering Group member, MyData Scotland

I’m an identity and privacy-preserving cryptography researcher at Edinburgh Napier University. I came across the MyData through volunteering for last years conference. I was part of the note-taking team and had a great experience. The MyData conference impressed me with the breadth and depth of content across so many different fields all coming together to think about how we can do data differently.

Since last year, I moved to Edinburgh and helped to form the MyData Scotland hub. We also hosted the MyData Global AGM. It has been a great experience and I am excited about the future of MyData in Scotland.

While I am primarily an Identity researcher I am fascinated by where these two fields and their experience and communities interact and support each other. I believe they are both trying to solve similar problems but approaching it from a different angle.

Personal data is important to me but I still struggle to lead a digital existence that embodies my views. I look forward to seeing some practical examples of how I can take more control over my data presented at the conference.

Will Abramson can be seen in:

Health Workshop Part I Hall F
10:00-11:15 Opening Day
Ecosystem Mapping S1: Foundation Setting Hall B1
15:15-16:30 Thursday
Ecosystem Mapping S2: Building the Map T... Hall B1
17:00-18:15 Thursday