Wil Janssen

Managing Partner at InnoValor

Wil is an expert on IT driven innovation, business models and enterprise architecture at InnoValor. He was a MyData board member of the first board, working towards the first elected board.

His focus is the role of IT in our modern, digital networked society. The possibilities and the impact of IT inspire him. He helps organisations, both public and private, the understand IT innovation and translate it to the context of their organisations, on board-room level as well as with practitioners. In his work, innovation, design thinking. business models and enterprise architecture are all pieces of the same puzzle. Currently, research focusses on the creating a sustainable eco-system for personal data management.

In 2004 he was responsible for developing the vision that led to the e-government portal in the Netherlands, albeit that the original vision has a public-private collaborative basis. Something which may come within reach in the near future… From 2010 tot 2012 he was an advisor to the European Commission as a member of the Expert Panel on Service Innovation.

He is a co-author of more than 60 publications on topics are mentioned above and teaches at different universities.

Wil Janssen can be seen in:

What Is the MyData Operator? Workshop Hall F
14:30-15:45 Friday
What Is the MyData Operator? Workshop Hall F
16:15-17:30 Friday