Teemu Kääriäinen

Lead Security Specialist in Nixu Corporation, Technical Architect in Tilaajavastuu - Traficom MyData pilot

Teemu Kääriäinen is the lead security specialist in Nixu Corporation focusing in External Identity and Access Management solutions. He has over 10 years of experience architecting, building and operating large-scale business critical IAM solutions for customers in different sectors.

Recently Teemu’s focus has been in the decentralized and self-sovereign identity technologies where he is an active member of the Finnish FIndy consortium whose aim is to study the possibilities of deploying a secure digital identity ledger to Finland. Teemu also takes part in the SITRA IHAN program participating in the CEN-CENELEC pre-standardization work in the areas of digital identities and consents.

Teemu has been the lead technical architect of the SisuID solution and has been the technical architect of the Tilaajavastuu-Traficom MyData pilot solution which recently won the award for “Best Blockchain ID in Consumer Identity Project” in the KuppingerCole EIC 2019 conference in Munich.



Teemu Kääriäinen can be seen in:

SSI – First, Do No Harm Hall G
14:30-15:45 Friday