Sukesh Kumar Tedla

CEO of Unbiased

Sukesh Kumar Tedla is a young entrepreneur who envisions in building innovative applications for the community with an essence of transparency, democracy, and equality as core values.

He is the CEO and Founder of Unbiased, he is also a Board Member of Swedish Blockchain Association.

He is an experienced ICT Engineer, a Blockchain Enthusiast/Researcher and possesses a Masters Degree in Telecommunications. Demonstrates a good level of technical knowledge, driven to do something good for the community with a Can-Do attitude.

In his current startup, he is leading an innovative team to build a real-time data analytics platform to Fight Fake News and Misinformation on the Internet using technology, this platform will challenge the status quo of how we use the technology.

Sukesh Kumar Tedla can be seen in:

Demo Lounge Thursday Hall F
12:15-13:30 Thursday
Demo Lounge Friday Hall F
13:00-14:30 Friday