Ruth Puente

Executive Programme Manager at Kantara Initiative

Ruth has been involved in the Internet Technical Community (ICANN, RIRs and ccTLDs) for more than 10 years and she has broad experience on international and multistakeholder cooperation model (which has become a prominent value that she promotes and defends), Internet policy, public affairs, outreach and program coordination. Since 2014, she started to work with Kantara Initiative Inc. leading the Identity Assurance Program and the Kantara R&D efforts.

Presently, Ruth is the Kantara Initiative Inc. Executive Programme Manager for the Identity and Privacy Incubator Research & Development Program and Kantara Trust Framework Operations Program. In Kantara Europe, (in collaboration to other two directors), her role is to oversee the various R&D grant-funding projects planned and those currently in process through Kantara. She is committed to good practice and innovation in identity management and privacy; meeting the European needs based on having a different perspective on this field in relation to the US.

Ruth Puente can be seen in:

One (Practical) Step Beyond Hall B2
14:30-15:45 Friday