Petri Takala

Gofore Oyj, Management advisor, digital business

I have been working on management analytics for over 20 years. Roles have varied from portfolio analyst to development director in R&D and in Market Operations. Data has always played a central role in everything I’ve done.

Few years back I started to work with Government agencies on Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence programs. Personal data and MyData became soon the key element for developing citizen-centric solutions. Since then I have been developing personalized data solutions for people.

My topic in MyData conference is about supporting anonymous personalized services. How we could use people’s data for understanding market needs and yet provide personalized services without risking individual’s data while trying to find better the needed services.

Petri Takala can be seen in:

Anticipating Personal Data in Life Event... Hall H
14:30-15:45 Friday