Nishan Chelvachandran

Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Saidot

Nishan Chelvachandran is a High-Level cybersecurity adviser, strategist, published author, researcher, consultant, futurist and former Police Officer, with years of experience built on the strong foundations of bespoke operational activity in the UK Public Sector. Nishan has military and law enforcement experience, specialising in fields such as Digital Transformation, Digital Intelligence Forensics, Cybercrime, Cyberops and Warfare, Surveillance and Intelligence. Nishan’s research interests include jurisdictional and legislative affairs relating to cyber-operations and cyber-warfare, ethical frameworks for mass and automated data surveillance, profiling and decision-making, IoT, and AI.
Nishan spent 6 years as one of the UK National leads for Diversity in Policing in the UK and has received multiple commendations from Force Chiefs’ for his work and contributions in Cybercrime and Intelligence.
He is the Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Saidot, a Software Company based in Finland and the US, developing solutions for AI and algorithmic transparency, explainibility and accountability. Nishan was awarded and is a current Fellow of The RSA, is an active Member of The IET, the ACM and IEEE, where he is in on the working groups for the Ethical Certification Programme for AI and the Ethical AI P7000x series draft standards. He is also an advisor for AI Commons, and actively engaged in the UN’s SDG agenda and initiatives involving AI for Good.

Nishan Chelvachandran can be seen in:

Law, Ethics, and AI Main Stage / Hall A
13:30-14:45 Thursday