Molly Schwartz is a journalist, podcast producer, and trained archivist. By day she works at the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), where she is the host and producer of Preserve This Podcast. She is also a freelance tech journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, New York Magazine, Wired UK, and WHYY’s The Pulse.

Molly Schwartz can be seen in:

MyData Opening Day Welcome Hall F
09:00-09:45 Opening Day
Opening Day Ceremony Main Stage / Hall A
18:00-19:00 Opening Day
Thursday Morning Plenary Main Stage / Hall A
10:00-11:00 Thursday
Boosting MyData Ecosystems Locally Main Stage / Hall A
11:30-12:45 Thursday
Why MyData Operators Are a Good Idea Main Stage / Hall A
18:30-19:30 Thursday
Data Rights of Platform Economy Workers Main Stage / Hall A
16:15-17:30 Friday
Closing Plenary Main Stage / Hall A
17:45-18:45 Friday