Mika Huhtamäki

Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy, Vice President

Mika Huhtamäki, Executive Vice President of Tilaajavastuu Ltd, is an innovative service development pioneer and sustainable data business enthusiast, responsible for developing and managing the public-private ecosystem in the real estate and construction sectors in Finland. Mika’s ability to combine different themes into a whole originates from his studies, where he became well-versed in information processing, administration and economics, as well as media and design studies.

Mika has also been a start-up entrepreneur and has been part of Tilaajavastuu Ltd since its inception. Mika’s hobbies include rock climbing and mountain biking where risk assessment is pivotal. Making the right decision in each situation is vital for safety. The idea of ​​developing the MyData service started with the need for openness and sustainable, data-driven business development. Ensuring the continued development of the MyData service is one of Mika’s passions.

Data is the fuel of all future businesses, and it cannot be pursued and scaled without a sustainable, human-centric foundation. Transparency is already a requirement in all of the services from Tilaajavastuu.

Mika Huhtamäki can be seen in:

What Is the MyData Operator? Workshop Hall F
14:30-15:45 Friday