Michael Shea

Director at The Dingle Group LLC

Michael Shea has over thirty years of experience in the technology sector, working in the United States, Canada and since 2015 in Vienna. He has run a global consulting services business for Pitney Bowes Software. Over his career, Michael has actively participated in all stages of the software business from development, design, operations and business development. He has founded of multiple businesses; is a founding member of MyData Global and the MyData Austria Hub. Michael holds a Mechanical Engineering degree, a Master’s of Engineering and a MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Michael’s hope is that we CAN put the “genie back in the bottle” and in the future our descendants will be able to live with all the positive advantages that technology brings while maintaining their freedom to act.


Michael Shea can be seen in:

SSI – First, Do No Harm Hall G
14:30-15:45 Friday