Mehdi Medjaoui

Founder of ALIAS

– Founder of ALIAS, the decentralized wallet making GDPR programmable

-Founder of APIdays conferences, the main business and technical conference series on APIs.

– Co-founder of , the identity login API platform Acquired)

– Author of “Continuous API management” (O’Reilly 2018)

– Professor and Lecturer at HEC MBA and EMLyon EMBA

– European Commission Horizon 2020 Expert on Public sector APIs

– Board member of the OPIN (Open Insurance Initiative)

– Author of the “State of Banking APIs 2015-2019”

Mehdi Medjaoui can be seen in:

Demo Lounge Thursday Hall F
12:15-13:30 Thursday
Demo Lounge Friday Hall F
13:00-14:30 Friday