Markku Nousiainen

Senior Designer at TX - Tomorrow Explored, Streamr

Markku Nousiainen (MSc, MA) is a Finnish UX and Service Designer. He entered the digital media field in the mid-1990’s and became one of the first generation of usability and HCI experts in the field. His work history since then has been in different digital design agencies, universities, and as a designer at the Finnish national TV and radio company YLE.

In 2008-2012 he was employed as a producer at Aalto University’s Media Factory, a unit that incubated experimental and multi-disciplinary education and research programs for the newly established university. After that and until 2017 he spent five years in Mexico City working as a lecturer of interaction design related topics at Technológico de Monterrey, a private university, and as a designer crafting mobile services for the Mexican and Latin American market.

Markku is currently employed as a member of the Streamr startup team in Helsinki, developing decentralised digital service concepts for blockchain. Typical use cases are related to smart cities, myData, open data, IoT, vehicle to vehicle event messaging, and smart manufacturing. His other long-time interests are physical computing and VR/AR. Alongside the commercial and educational work Markku has been active in the media art sector, curating and organising media art exhibitions, workshops and festival events.

He has a multi-disciplinary education background, with a MSc degree in industrial management and work psychology, and a MA in new media.

Markku Nousiainen can be seen in:

Towards a Design Thematic Group (DTG) Room 108: NTT Data room by NTT Data
11:45-13:00 Opening Day