Mark Lizar

OpenConsent, CEO

Mark Lizar is the CEO & Founder of the OpenConsent Group where he is the primary designer & engineer of the Operational Privacy Network (OPN), home of the privacy rights receipt. Launching in September 2019.
Mark is the co-inventor of privacy broadcasting, inventor of Consent By Design (human privacy protocol), inventor of the Consent Receipt, author of the Kantara Initiative MVCR – Minimum Viable Consent Receipt Specification,
Contributor of consent policy in the GDPR, the W3C Data Privacy Control Vocabulary, the Kantara – GDPR Explicit Consent Record and Receipt Specification, author of the Notice Receipt, and inventor of the High Privacy Assurance Broadcast Network Icon.

Mark champions interoperable privacy people can control and for meaningful consent. Mark is active in Canadian standards, conformance and the Kantara Initiative as an International Liaison and previously Co-Chair of the Consent and Information Sharing WG and Vice Chair of the Leadership Council.

Mark Lizar can be seen in:

Demo Lounge Thursday Hall F
12:15-13:30 Thursday
Demo Lounge Friday Hall F
13:00-14:30 Friday
SSI – First, Do No Harm Hall G
14:30-15:45 Friday