Lotta Lundin

Co-Founder and CEO, iGrant.io

Lotta Lundin is the Co-founder and CEO of iGrant.io, a personal data and user preference management platform that enables trust and transparency in the data sharing economy. Lotta holds an MSc in Finance from Cass Business School (UK) and has over 20 years experience in building trust through numbers and communication. Prior to founding iGrant.io,

Lotta held various positions in Ericsson, covering areas such as product development, communications, sales and Mergers & Acquisitions. It was whilst leading transactions in M&A and as Investor Relations, being a spokesperson for a multi-billion dollar company, that she understood the value of trust and transparency in building shareholder value. In 2017 she and Co-founder Lal Chandran decided to combine their insights around empowering people and enabling organisations to capitalize on their personal data assets, resulting in iGrant.io.

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