Laura Varisco

Research Fellow, Politecnico di Milano

Laura Varisco is an Interaction and Experience Design research fellow at Politecnico di Milano. Her research focuses on the social and ethical consequences of the use of personal data and personal information in digital interactive solutions. She aims to provide designers with awareness on ethical consequences so to promote critical discussion and improve design choices during the creative process. She collaborates with IEX Design Research Lab at Politecnico di Milano since 2013 as researcher in interaction and experience design and as teaching assistant for courses within the MsC in Digital and Interaction Design. She currently collaborates with the MIT Design Lab and Samsung Design America as professional researcher and interaction designer.

Laura Varisco can be seen in:

MyData, Chatbots & Design Hall H
10:15-11:15 Friday
MyData, Chatbots & Design Part 2 Hall H
11:45-13:30 Friday