Juuso Parkkinen

Head of Data Science at Nightingale Health

Juuso is an experienced data scientist, who specialises in statistical modelling and data visualisation. He has a PhD in bioinformatics and statistical machine learning from Aalto University, Finland. Juuso works currently as senior data scientist at Nightingale Health in Finland. The company has developed an innovative blood analysis technology, providing a wide range of metabolomics biomarkers. This technology enables detailed prediction of chronic disease risks, and furthermore the measurement of the effects of lifestyle changes. Nightingale’s mission is to prevent chronic diseases based on this revolutionary health data.

During his career, Juuso has grown a lot of interest in the ethics and privacy issues related to data science and artificial intelligence, and has been actively involved in the MyData Community for several years. The MyData movement was initiated in Finland in 2012, driven by an urge to find a way out between usability of data and privacy concerns. The ultimate MyData question on health data is how can we maximise the benefits of health data use, such as truly personalised healthcare, while ensuring data protection and security.

Juuso Parkkinen can be seen in:

Cooperative Healthcare & Research Hall G
10:15-11:15 Friday