Juraj Bardy

Managing Partner at Alistiq

Juraj Bardy Public Administration Digital Innovations Expert. Mediator between two worlds – a world of flexible innovation and a world of often rigid public sector. Juraj works at public service since 2009.

Currently he’s working as Managing Partner at Alistiq (supporting governments to increase their performance) and in the past, it was Juraj who proposed and supervised the successful implementation of the national eHealth solution in Kosovo.

He’s a regular speaker at Itapa conferences, the biggest events in Slovakia dedicated to digitalization of public sector. What’s more, during his time at Ministerstvo financií SR, he wrote an IT study on e-health in Slovakia, too.

Juraj Bardy can be seen in:

Demo Lounge Thursday Hall F
12:15-13:30 Thursday
Demo Lounge Friday Hall F
13:00-14:30 Friday