Jessie Chavez

Google Lead, Data Transfer Project

Jessie ‘Chuy’ Chavez is a Senior Software Engineer and Manager of the Data Liberation team in Chicago, part of our Privacy and Data Production Office (PDPO). The Data Liberation Team created Google Download Your Data and the Data Transfer Project, which systematically provides users control of their data in Google products, and he recently celebrated 12 years at Google.

Prior to Google, Chuy worked as a software engineer at FeedBurner (acquired by Google in 2007) as well as HSBC bank US and Mexico, Best Buy, and even as a teacher in Chicago. Chuy extends his technical expertise to many community and social justice causes in Chicago and Latin America, including serving as a human rights monitor in Honduras and a media volunteer for #Caravana43 from Ayotzinapa, Mexico.

Jessie Chavez can be seen in:

Launching Data Portability at Scale and ... Hall F
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