James Farrar

Founder, Worker Info Exchange

James Farrar Founder of Worker Info Exchange, a start-up non profit organisation campaigning for data access and digital fairness at work. The goal of the organisation is to help information workers in the gig economy and beyond to access, analyse and act on insights gained from their personal data collected and processed at work.

James became famous for the UK labour law case, concerning the scope of employment rights in regards to temporary work for Uber drivers. Uber drivers won the right to be classed as workers rather than self-employed. The ruling by a London employment tribunal means drivers for the ride-hailing app will be entitled to holiday pay, paid rest breaks and the national minimum wage. The decision was described as a “monumental victory” for some 40,000 drivers in England and Wales.

Latest developments: On March 21st, the Worker Info Exchange issued a pre action protocol letter to Uber demanding they comply with the four drivers’ outstanding subject access requests within 2 weeks. Uber asked for an extension until April 19th. On April 19th Uber did provide a significant volume of raw data but failed to materially comply with the subject access request.

Four current and former Uber drivers have taken more legal actions against the ride-hailing app as Uber is failing to honour its obligations under the GDPR to share the personal information it has about its drivers.

James Farrar can be seen in:

Data Rights of Platform Economy Workers Main Stage / Hall A
16:15-17:30 Friday