J Lyn Entrikin

Professor of Law at Wm. H. Bowen School of Law, University of Arkansas Little Rock (USA)

Professor Entrikin practiced law for several years in various capacities in Kansas USA before joining the legal academy in 2003. She joined the law faculty at Bowen School of Law in 2011. Her primary teaching interests are legislation, privacy law, legal analysis, and statutory drafting.

She has published articles and books on statutory interpretation, administrative law, legisprudence, jurisprudence, privacy law, global judicial transparency norms, legal drafting, and the demise of American common law. Her current scholarship focuses on Relational Privacy and its implications in the context of commercial DNA databases.

She was encouraged to join MyData by Benjamin Goering, a founding member of MyData Global. He is the founder of permanent.cloud, a platform and community that everyday people can use to replace proprietary SaaS apps with sustainable open source alternatives.

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